Friday, November 26, 2010

Ever tried winning concert tickets like this?

Back on October 22, 2006,  I sent this email into our local country radio station: (now deceased station, I might add) Country 95.3.  I was trying to win Rascal Flatts tickets.  This time around, I didn't win.  Looking back on this email, I'm not shocked.  Too much cheese.  My roommate loves cheese...but not this kind.

I love Rascal Flatts to PIECES!  YES I DO!!!  Gary LeVox is super cute and HE AINT THE LEAVIN' KIND!  I'd love to STAND near him and sing along as he sings TO MAKE HER LOVE ME and ELLESWORTH.  The COOL THING is that Rascal Flatts is my favourite country group.  Don't get it BACKWARDS because I am a huge fan!  Rascal Flatts had a concert in Buffalo last year but WHAT HURTS THE MOST is that we had skating that night so I couldn't go!  I'm on the National Team for Synchronized Skating and ME & MY GANG practice many times a week leaving not much time for anything other than school.  I FEEL BAD that concerts and other social events are often missed.  We don't skate that Wednesday and it's MY WISH to go to see Rascal Flatts on November 1st at the Air Canada Centre!  There are many WORDS I COULDN'T SAY regarding how badly I want to see the best country group!!!

Incase you didn't notice...all the songs from their most recent album are highlighted...I would use all the songs from their past album but it FEELS LIKE TODAY, the day that I have two mid-terms gettin' under my SKIN, and skating I'll BREAK AWAY and leave the HOLES for another day.  Perhaps THE DAY BEFORE YOU?  HERE'S TO YOU, Country 95.3, my favourite radio station.  I've never won anything on the radio before, THEN I DID?  That's me hoping that you'll BLESS THE BROKEN ROAD...WHEN THE SAND RUNS OUT so that maybe I could possibly get to hear the songs WHERE YOU ARE and OKLAHOMA-TEXAS LINE!!!!

I couldn't help it, there's all the songs from their "feels like today" album!  I've got RASCAL FLATTS and all their songs on the brain 'cause clearly I'm their biggest fan!!!  It's MY WISH to go to their concert!!!

THANKS for reading my email about the best group on earth!!!


Georgia Sapounas